Solidarhumanity is a project of the Ushagram Suisse Association, a tax exempt recognised public charity.

Address: Ushagram Suisse Association, P.O. Box 138, 1211 Geneva 12. Switzerland.

Executiv: Jacques Albohair ex-MSF, ex-CICR (executive director of the association) and Paul Gaullier of CICR (president).

Contact : see adjacent form | contact {at} | +41 78 600 60 34 (Swiss mobile)

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Ushagram Suisse, P.O. Box 138, 1211 Genève 12.
Crédit Suisse, IBAN: CH27 0483 5145 4781 3100 1, BIC/SWIFT: CRESCHZZ80A, Clearing/CB : 4835