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a world tour with “The Little Prince”
linking schools together

bridges of understanding
between peoples


awareness of human unity
in the diversity of cultures


inroads of acceptance
for seeds of peace

a concrete initiative in the international Decade
on the rapprochement of cultures

a world tour
with “The Little Prince”
linking schools together


Project presentation

A project of travelling workshops linking children of the world while visiting some 50 schools during a motorcycle world tour.
Starting in Sept. 2019 with Africa during 1 years.
“The Little Prince” will be at the centre of the approach dedicated to the recognition of the richness of the cultural diversity of each people as the basis of peace-building.
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The partners

> Ushagram Suisse Association (initiator)
> Henry Dunant University College
> BICE – Intl. Catholic Child Bureau
> UNESCO Chair La Rioja University, Spain
> Observatoire de la diversité et des droits culturels, Fribourg


We need you too!

To carry out this project we seek

> schools and associations ready to participate and internal contacts
> established NGOs willing to support us and contacts to approach them
> an educator
> an illustrator
> a project manager
> and more… Read more >>>

latest news

Morphing and Morphosis

L’idée de ce projet a germé dans mon esprit en 2014. Au cours de son évolution et du travail qui l’a accompagné et soutenu dès 2015, il s’est morphé de différentes manières jusqu’à devenir ce qu’il est aujourd’hui. Initialement un désir d’évasion et de changement de...

The BICE gets on board!

Nous sommes fiers d'annoncer que l'une des plus grandes ONG de l'enfance devient l'un des soutiens du projet. Nos informations seront reprises sur leurs supports de communication. Nous nous arrêterons en chemin dans certains de ces programmes consacrés à l'enfance...

Approaching the ICRC from within

Ayant trouvé un emploi au CICR (Comité international de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge) en juin, j'ai pu contacter le Président en août, depuis l'intérieur, pour lui présenter le projet. Celui-ci a répondu en félicitant l'initiative et me recommandant au...

Support of a swiss UNESCO Chair

Moisson du jour : l'institut Interdisciplinaire d'éthique et de droits de l'homme de l'Université de Fribourg (Suisse) et son Observatoire de la diversité et des droits culturels sont entrés dans la danse pour le projet DTMe. Ils participeront à la première phase du...


Voici tout ce qui doit être géré en même temps pour réaliser ce projet. Ce diagramme met en évidence tous les volets du projet. L’on comprend  mieux ainsi tous les aspects qui devront être gérés de front pour le réussir, et à quel point il est tributaire des...


The context

The founder of the Solidarhumanity project, tells us how the project originated, the events and the reflections that gave it birth, as well how it consolidated and matured to become what it is today… More >>>

The founder

For those who want to know the story. First projects originate from individuals with their own history and their own quest. Then they outgrow the person and acquire their independence… More >>>

The Association

Ushagram Suisse, a Swiss Association founded in 1999, carries the project Solidarhumanity. It is a tax-exempt charity recognized of public utility. Its projects are mostly financed by the Municipalities of Canton Geneva. It is devoted to the rural development of disadvantaged populations in India, to syrian refugees in Lebanon, as well as to intercultural dialogue and peacebuilding. More >>>


The itinerary

The itinerary

Regions, phases and duration: 4 phases spanning over 3 years starting in September 2019.
Phase 1. African Continent, Phase 2. Latin America, Phase 3. Silk Road / Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Pakistan and India, Phase 4. Research and Development


Solidarhumanity is an educational and intercultural project. But it’s also an adventure journey. The “project” part is treated under the menu of the same name. Here, we are dealing with the concrete preparation of the trip: vehicle, equipment, physical preparation, choice of the material, languages, mechanics, cartography and route planning, administrative work etc. More info in the following pages : first steps | itineraries| mapping | bike| equipement | organisation | links.




When the project starts this section will include the following pages:

> places: photos and videos crossings regions and peoples encountered between stages
> schools: schools will be stages of the project and where the event will take place
> children: children who participate in the project, especially those who have done the best drawings
> images: the works of the children and photos of the event
> spot me: with satellite tracking one will be able to follow me
> agenda: with this calendar one will be able to follow my provisionnal programme (countries, events).

Departure on Sunday September 29th 2019 at 2 PM in…