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Morphing and Morphosis

The idea of this project sprang up in my mind in 2014. During its evolution and the work that made it grow and held it up as of 2015, it has morphed in different ways to become what it is today. Originally a desire to get away from it all and live a paradigm shift, it soon became a human service project concretising and integrating the multifaceted experience and knowledge gathered throughout my career and my individual journey.

Through meetings, brainstorming sessions, advice and collaborations with various members of my network, it first became a large-scale project requiring a permanent team, active partnerships and significant funding. This phase led me to meet the head of the Unesco program, to receive the congratulations of the Vice-President, the support of the Swiss Unesco National Commission and a proposal for the Unesco patronage. At the same time, despite the enthusiasm generated, funding and concrete partnership engagements did not follow. We are then running 2018. What was actually expected, even if it was not expressed directly in these terms, was the “proof of concept”. In other words, I was to prove on the field the viability and usefulness of the concept before it could find the support it deserves.

At the end of 2018, last morphing – or was it the last morphosis? – at any rate the current and definitive form that will lead to its implementation on the field, on the same basis and with the same purpose, is a pilot project. It will have a more modest scope and outreach and will be implemented mostly with my own resources and finances. Following the original planning document, the scope will be to collect and consolidate the material in view of submitting it to large institutions for its implementation with a larger scope and outreach.

The advantage of the present more modest approach is to be accountable only to oneself and to be able to be attentive to one’s own needs. In 2019, Solidarhumanity becomes this pilot project that will be implemented by the end of September, starting with Africa.

Specifically, various events of my personal life had to happen for the conditions to be met for its implementation in this form: sell real estate, simplify my life, obtain the Swiss nationality and, above all, continue my professional life until retirement. I look forward to seeing the start deadline approaching.

The BICE gets on board!

bice-logo-en-gbWe are proud to announce that one of the largest child-right NGOs is “coming onboard” among the supports to the project. Our information will be circulated in the communication supports. We will stop over and conduct events in some of their programmes dedicated to underpriviledged children.

It is great news for us and an added proof of the seriousness and the beauty of the project.

The BICE was created in 1948 and is active in 66 countries.

Approaching the ICRC from within

Having found a job at the ICRC (International Vommittee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent) in June., I contacted the President from within the organisation in August to introduce the project to him. He replied commending the venture and recommending me to the person in charge of education within the organisation, whom I met beginning of December. We had useful discussions that opened up the way to proceed in seeing how the Operations department, especially in the field of child protection, would be receptive to the project. But all this takes months to get replies and appointments. I also met some of the President’s advisors and assistants on other occasions.

Working to protect the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflict, the ICRC is currently in the process of defining education as a humanitarian priority. It is therefore the right moment to see how DTMe could be adapted to its mission and how it could be implemented in the field. This will not be done overnight. What with a full-time job, and the associative activities of Ushagram Association, time and energy are limited.

There are more practical details but I can’t reveal them yet. Stay tuned!

Support of a swiss UNESCO Chair

IIEDH02The interdisciplinary Institute on Ethics and Human Rights of the Freiburg university in Switzerland and its Observatory on diversity and cultural rights are coming on board the DTMe project. They will take part in developing the first phase of the tool in peace education that should emerge from the material collected along the 3-year journey.


organigramme4This diagram shows all that needs to be managed at the same time for this project.

We also depend on collaborations, help, supports of all kinds. The project will be the reflection of what it will have managed to mobilise in terms of enthusiasm, contributions, energy.

Do you have any skill corresponding to the above and time to offer? If yes, do contact us