Solidarhumanity, an educational and intercultural project, is also an adventure journey. It took three years of work to put the project together both pedagogically and within the framework of the International Community in the field of global citizenship and the building of a culture of peace. This period was also necessary to constitute the planning document, the logical framework, the budget, the fundraising, the search for partnerships, the work on teaching aids, the creation of a website, the setting up of the communication and activating social networks, among others. The project part also involves the search for schools, contacts, the activation of networks etc.

The details of the educational and cultural part of the project, its set-up, its foundation and its integration into the work of the International Community is fully covered in the project section of this site: see the corresponding “project” menu.

The present section is more concerned with the preparation on the side of the journey itself. It is more technical and could be of interest to the adventurer candidates (“preparation” menu).

Thus the project preparation also included a lot of other, more concrete and tangible, things, relating to the journey and the adventure itself: choice of vehicle, specific travelling equipment, rider equipment, a careful selection of personal belongings to take along, the choice of equipment, mapping, route planning, information on the socio-political security situation of each country, information on the crossing of each border, administrative implications etc.

The preparation also included the search for and selection of ultralight camping equipment, survival kits, tools, tires, spare parts, electronic, photographic and computer equipment – all to be carefully selected for their performance, solidity in extreme conditions, their lightness and minimal size. Work also included the logistics of the journey.

It was also necessary to look for printed and digital maps, to understand their integration with the GPS, to prepare routes and stops-over – which will not prevent improvisation but serves as a basis.

It was necessary to improve knowledge of certain languages, in my case, of spanish and ideally, bases of russian, to improve riding abilities in all conditions, on road and off-road, to learn the basics of mechanics, to improve cartography, to improve knowledge of photography, to practice and learn videography, to improve and learn image processing and to prepare yourself physically.

This project and travel adventure also involves carrying out research to sort out the administrative aspects not only of the trip itself, but also with regard to the various aspects of admin at home. This obviously not to mention organising one’s own personal finances.

It is an enormous venture that has occupied me, not to say obsessed me, for years. When one has funds and one can pay teams, get the job done and it’s thus much easier to manage. But when we invests one’s own money and one has to do almost everything on one’s own, and this, while having a full-time job and a rural development association active in India and Lebanon, this challenge is of another dimension alltogether.

At the time of writing this text, work continues and despite all the care dedicated to setting up and preparation in all these different fields, there will always be something unfinished or incomplete. There will always be omissions and gaps. At the same time, I remember the adventurer Mike Horn saying, before he circled the Arctic Circle on foot and in canoe: “When you have 5% of the answers to your questions, you can leave because the rest of the answers will come up as you go, but if you expect to have all the answers to your questions before you leave, then you will never leave.”

Below you will find the sub-menus of the project preparation in its more technical “adventure travel” aspect. (It may be reminded here that the project preparation in its “educational and cultural” aspect is treated in the “project” main menu). Some parts have not been updated since 2014 and links may be obsolete.