Motorcycle equipement


Lenovo produces some sturdy laptops with military certification.


UAG hulls, the off-road hull.
No rugged phone choice because their performance is lower. The phone serves obviously as a secondary camera and video equipment with the advantage being able to go online.


The last Zumo and a Tripy II.
Tracker InReach mini.


I selected micro four-third for the best compromise between quality / volume / price.



I did not choose a tent to park the bike inside. It is not discreet enough for my taste, although being able to stand inside is an undeniable comfort, especially with the years. I opted for Swedish quality in four seasons.

The bike has its own cover that is also useful to make it less attractive when parked outside, even when not camping.


Aventuro Mod – Touratech. Equivalent of the Schuberth E1 helmet but more ventilated. The choice of helmet is a compromise between protection, ventilation, lightness, and the practical side that allows you to raise the chin to be seen and quickly talk rather than having to TAKE IT OFF every time or fence oneself off from interlocutors


Finding the right boots is also a compromise. They need to be good for off-road / adventure riding but also for walking / visiting. Boots with sewn soles can be re-sewn. Ideally they should be waterproof and breathable. I chose Forma. I did not opt for Touratech boots with inner shoe. This type of boot is already quite massive. The inner shoe system is handy but you need even larger boots; they cannot be worn without the shoes, then the dirt of the shoe soles goes into the boot. This seems to me to be a false good idea.

Protective clothing

In my opinion, the best riding gear for the adventure rider is undoubtedly the Compañero by Staedler / Touratech, unfortunately very expensive (about 1800 €). The only brand, together with Klim, that offers “external” Goretex protection (important). However, if we take into account that it is flexible, wearable in all seasons, the price is more acceptable.

Some prefer more plain, more versatile and less bulky clothing. It is in fact more useful to mingle with the population without looking like an alien, but it is much less protective.

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