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Selection of links on practical aspects related to the journey: country info, budget and climate simulation, planners, packing lists, customs’ clearance. Non exhaustive.


Country info

Country info – Kyrgyzistan
Bishkek, KyrgyzstanYou will need a special permit if you’re a foreigner. Most foreigners use the services of a travel agency. There is a direct bus, it takes about 16 hours including overnight stay (you must have PSB permit and valid visa for Kyrgyzstan).
Important data base on travelling:

DVD tutorials by Helge Pedersen (GlobeRiders)

Tools – budget and climate simulation

Websites of globe-trotters and adventure bikers
with very useful routes, security and climate maps and calculations
especially useful for swiss residents

Inventory and packing lists
Inventory by Johnson in 1996

Customs’ formalities
Concerning expenses related to bank deposits things vary according to the amount of the deposit, thus of the sales value of the vehicle. In general, banks practice 1 % of the value per quarter plus the expenses related to opening the transaction (de 30 à 75 €).
“Les banques consentent généralement un nantissement sur les fonds dont vous disposez sur un compte titre. La banque vous compte des frais mensuels très raisonnables en rapport avec la somme en jeu et votre compte titre reste générateur d’intérêts. Par contre, l’employé de guichet ne connaît généralement rien à cette possibilité et il faut tout de suite taper au niveau du directeur de l’agence ou, mieux, de la direction régionale pour éviter les pertes de temps !”

For visiting Iran, getting sorted with your carnet issues, assistance in crossing borders, planning and visiting your Iran tour and staying in Urmia, checkout Hossein’s page. Nice chap, good services.

Freight / intercontinental travel / customs


Taking into account the fact that booking sites like do not cover all countries, if at some point or other it should be necessary to book a hotel, one can always use the websites of LonelyPlanet and TripAdvisor, knowing that one will have to discriminate among the comments that can be unreliable, not to speak of those that are purchased.

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